Welcome to the Report Pundit FAQ section! Here you can search for and browse the most asked questions related to our Report Pundit reporting service.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

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πŸ’³ Sales & Billing
  • Do you offer a demo or free trial?

    • Yep! You can view our online demo page here. We also provide a 14-day risk-free free trial with every new signup.

  • Where can I find your pricing for Report Pundit?

  • Can I upgrade/downgrade my pricing plan?

    • Report Pundit pricing is based on your Shopify store type: Basic, Shopify, Advanced, and Plus. No worries: we’ll automatically change your pricing plan based on your current Shopify account type.

  • What are your business hours?

    • We are available via Live Chat and email between 6 AM and 10 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday.

      Our team usually responds to emails within one business day or less.

  • Will you give special pricing to multi-stores?

    • If you manage multiple Shopify websites, contact us: We will work with you to create a cost-friendly solution for your entire multi-store environment.

  • Do you have tools that help me with training?

  • Do you offer discount pricing for annual plans?

    • Sorry, we do not offer annual pricing plans at this time.


πŸ’» Features
  • Can I duplicate an existing report?

    • To duplicate an existing report, edit the report you wish to copy. Then click the three vertical dots (ellipsis) in the upper-right to clone/duplicate your report.

  • Do you integrate with third-party apps?

    • Report Pundit fully supports Shopify data populated by other app software. If you’d like to integrate data from external sources like Google Analytics, Klaviyo, and Paypal, we recommend our Report Pundit service.

  • How many reports can I make?

    • You can create 20 reports in one month period.

  • Can I schedule reports to run at a specific time?

    • You can schedule reports to run hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Can I export a report without scheduling it?

    • Yes you can! Within the Report Designer, you can export your report any time without adding it to your Scheduler calendar, by clicking on the export button.

  • Do you support data from multiple locations?

    • Report Pundit technology is designed to work with multi-location features of the Shopify e-commerce platform.


🧾 Reports
  • Can you make me a custom report?

    • We’re happy to help you build one custom report at no additional cost as part of your Report Pundit service.

  • Do you provide pre-made reports?

    • We provide more than 50+ pre-created reports optimized by category: sales, orders, inventory, fulfilment, taxes, and more. Click here to view all pre-created report types.

  • Can I create my own custom field?

    • Yep! Report Pundit is different from other Shopify applications because we let you build your own custom calculated field. You can easily create both calculated (formula-based) and static (fixed record content) fields. To learn more about custom fields, please visit our Knowledge Base page.

  • What are the available formats to save my reports?

    • You can save Report Pundit reports using the following formats: Excel, CSV, custom character delimiter, and PDF.

  • Do you support reports by date range?

    • Yes. You can apply advanced date range filters to any report: by the hour, day, week, month, quarter, year, or custom period.

  • Can I filter records to limit results?

    • Yes, you can create multiple filters, including by any field: equals does not equal, contains, greater than, less than, etc.

  • Am I able to sort report columns?

    • Absolutely. You can sort by any report column using ascending, descending, and alphanumeric. Optionally, you can include only the top 10, 25, 50, or 100 results.

  • Where can I send my Report Pundit reports?

    • You can send your Report PUndit files via email, FTP, Google Drive, and Google Sheets.

  • Can I duplicate an existing report?

    • To duplicate an existing report, edit the report you wish to copy. Then click the three vertical dots (ellipsis) in the upper-right to clone/duplicate your report.

  • Do you support multiple currencies?

    • Report Pundit uses your default currency assigned within your Shopify store settings. However, you can change the currency format within your report settings.


πŸ“‘ Data Avtivity
  • How do you sync my Shopify data?

    • When you login to your Report Pundit account for the first time, we automatically synchronize all your Shopify records. This can take just a couple of minutes or longer, depending on the size of your database. Returning visits require a much shorter sync time

  • Can I use Report Pundit while records are syncing?

    • When using your Report Pundit account for the first time, we must perform a complete record synchronization of your Shopify store. Although you will be able to view and access most parts of Report Pundit, you won’t be able to create/build reports until synchronization has completed. This ensures your data is 100% accurate.

  • When was the last time my data was synced?

    • We refresh your records each time you login to your account or generate a report. Click here to view sync history. You can also force sync your records to manually refresh them at any time.

  • What if I want to see a history of my activity?

    • You can access the report, scheduling, and synchronization histories associated with your Report Pundit account.