Exporting the report

Learn about how to export reports to Excel, CSV, PDF & Google Drive

Note: The number of fields that will appear in the PDF file depends on the type of fields selected. If the field contains lengthy data, such as URL links & descriptions, the PDF may limit the number of fields displayed. It is recommended to select only the most necessary fields for the PDF. Additionally, the PDF format can be exported in portrait & landscape modes.

πŸ“‹ Steps to Export Reports without scheduling.

1) Open the report that you want to export

2) Click the dropdown menu on the export widget and select the desired format (Excel, CSV, PDF, or Google Drive).

3) If you select Excel or CSV, the report will be automatically downloaded to your default download folder. If you select PDF, the report will open in a new tab, which you can manually πŸ’Ύsave or πŸ–¨οΈprint.

Export reports to Google Drive

1) Click the arrow in the Export Button

2) Select Export to Google Drive

3) Select the Google Drive account or connect to a new account if you need.

4) Select a folder and click the Export button to export the report to Google Drive

🌟Great job! You have successfully exported your reports.

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