Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads)

Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads) is the company's digital Ad platform for brands to increase visibility and reach. Report Pundit now integrates with Bing ads for data-driven ad campaign management.

Microsoft Ads (aka Bing Ads) lets you control your campaigns across Microsoft's Search Network. This includes Bing, Yahoo, and MSN search engines, along with Microsoft's partner sites.

Unlock deep insights into your Microsoft Ads campaigns by integrating it with Report Pundit. You get data on your PPC campaigns to use for fine-tuning ad campaigns. Know your target audience better and adjust your budget, messaging accordingly for better RoAS.

πŸ‘‰How to Integrate Bing Ads with Report Pundit

Here are the steps to integrate:

  1. Click on Integrations in Report Pundit’s navigation bar.

  2. The Bing Ads integration option should be visible. If not, scroll until you find it. It can also be found in Recently Added and Marketing on the left.

  3. Click on it and then on the Connect button.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to Log in to your Microsoft account and integrate the two apps.

Once confirmed, you’re ready to get reports containing Bing Ads data.

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