Power BI

Combine Report Pundit’s powerful reporting with Power BI’s powerful data analysis and visualization capabilities automatically to gain deep, clear insights about your Shopify store.

Now, you can do more with your Shopify store data while also saving time. And all it takes is just a few clicks.

Simply set up Report Pundit's Schedule feature to automatically export your reports to Power BI in your preferred file format.

(If you haven't connected your Report Pundit and Power BI accounts yet, click here).

👉How To Export Files to Power BI

Once your Power BI account is connected, you can send your files to it easily as shown:

  1. Schedule report generation via Report Pundit. (Click here to learn about report scheduling).

  2. In the final Output Options stage of scheduling, choose the report's destination as Power BI by clicking on the respective option in the tabs panel.

  1. Select your preferred Dataset and Table options in the respective dropdown menus. You can also create a new Dataset or Table by selecting Create New from the dropdown list.

  2. Then, choose to Append or Overwrite any existing Power BI data with the new set according to your preference.

  1. Click on Export in your Power BI dashboard to reveal a drop-down list with available file formats. Select your preferred format to export the data.

If you need any more help with this, just contact us or click on the chat box anytime. Our expert staff will be with you quickly to resolve the issue.

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