How to Create a Custom Report and Auto-Schedule It

Learn how to create custom reports for your business with Report Pundit and have it sent automatically to your preferred destination.

πŸ“‹ Steps to Create your Customized Report

  1. Name your report. Add Report Description if required, and click on 'Continue'.

  1. Select your report category from the 13 options provided. Once you have selected your category, you will be prompted to confirm your selection, and the appropriate fields for that category will be displayed. Click on "Proceed" to continue.

  1. The first report type from the report category will be chosen by default. In case you want to see or change the report type, select the Report Type, and choose the Report Type, from the sidebar on the left.

  1. Select your desired date range using the Date Selector tab. We have several preset dates ranges to choose from, OR you can select your own start and end dates according to your requirement.

For example: In this case, we have chosen the Last 30 days.

  1. To create your report, select the fields you need by using the "Select Fields" tab. Use the search bar to locate the required fields for your report, which include (in this case) Barcode (UPC), Inventory Quantity, and Price.

  1. To save the report, click on the "Save" button. After saving, you can access your report anytime from the "My Reports" page.

🌟 That's it. You've successfully customized your report.

Now, let's learn how to auto-schedule the reports.


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