Here, you can access all the report scheduling tasks that you've created and the history of all the scheduled reports that have run in the past.

Upcoming Schedules

You can see all the upcoming scheduled reports in this tab, and the schedule's information is displayed next to the respective report name.
  • What type of schedule is it?
  • When is the report scheduled to arrive?
  • When was the scheduling task created?
  • When exactly is the next report going to arrive?
  • Edit Schedule - You can make changes to the schedule by clicking on the
  • Delete - You can delete the schedule from running by clicking on the

Report & Schedule History

This tab displays the report scheduling history of all the past schedules.
  • What type of schedule was it?
  • What time was the report delivered?
  • What period of data does the delivered report contain?
  • When was the scheduling task created?
  • Download - Although the file will be sent automatically to your output option, you can download the delivered report from here by clicking on the
  • Delete - You can delete the report file from the server by clicking on the
To learn more about the scheduling process, click here.

Custom Email Scheduling

Send scheduled reports to your employees, accountants, and vendors from a private-domain email address instead of [email protected].
Note: The custom email scheduling feature does not work for public domain email ids like,, &
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Custom Email
  • Enter the sender's name to be displayed in the Inbox
  • Add your private email id
  • Include a reply email id If you want the recipient to reply to a different email address than the sender's. The reply email id is optional
  • Once the email is added, complete the verification by confirming the sender's signature sent over the email
  • Once the email is verified, the status gets changed from Not verified to Verified.
  • Henceforth, all the upcoming email schedules will be sent from the custom email id that is added.
Last modified 4mo ago