Navigation Panel

The navigation panel instantly transports you to different sections of Report Pundit. This page details how to use it.

Shows a summary of your store’s important data fields and activities. Displayed sections include:

  • Highlights of Total Sales, Order Count, Refunds, and Repeat Customers.

  • My Favorite Reports, containing reports that you’ve selected as your favorites.

  • Latest Activities, where you can view your recent activities performed in the app.

  • Popular Integrations, showing the most popular third-party apps integrated with Report Pundit by the seller community. You can also see which of those apps you’re connected to right there.

  • Popular Reports, a list of all the report types popular with our customers.

Contains pre-made report templates to help you create reports quickly and easily. You can choose from 100+ templates covering important categories like Sales, Orders, Tax, Inventory, and Shopify Payout, among others.

This section shows all the reports you’ve created and saved. Includes both template-based and custom reports.


Shows reports you have scheduled for sharing, with details like frequency, output type, date and time of creation, next run, and actions. Also shows a history of your previously scheduled reports with all relevant information.

Shows the available third-party applications you can integrate with your Report Pundit account, including the ones presently integrated. Highlights give the Most Popular and Recently Added ones. You can also view the apps sorted into Categories like Marketing, Payout, Subscription, Shipping, and Returns.

Has all the options you need to control your Report Pundit account. You can manage Basic Account Information, Data Sync Options, Report Formatting, Re-Authorization for Shopify accounts, FTP, Custom Email, and more.

Help Docs

The link to Report Pundit website’s Help section with documentation and video tutorials to get you familiarized with the app.

If you feel we have missed something that you were looking for, feel free to contact us.

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