Staff Details

Report Pundit can automatically add your staff information to your reports. Learn how to set it up for hassle-free staff management.

Report Pundit lets you import staff details directly into the app without having to go through Shopify admin.

Here’s the correct steps to import staff details:

  1. Access Settings: Open Report Pundit and navigate to Settings.

  2. Locate β€œShopify Staff”: In the Settings menu, find Shopify Staff in the left navigation panel and click on it.

  3. Click on β€œImport”: Click on the Import button on the page. You may click on an alternate link as well if provided.

  4. Click on β€œOpen this page”: In the pop-up message box, click on the Open this page link.

  5. Paste the data: A new page will open with staff data in the form of code. Simply copy that code and paste it in the space provided in the message box.

  6. Confirm Import: Once pasted, click on the Import button at the bottom of the pop-up.

That’s it! Your reports will automatically contain staff details wherever applicable.


  • You may see a different interface for Report pundit than the one mentioned above, but don’t worry. The general steps will be the same.

  • If you want more information about staff data importing, go to Report Pundit Help documentation.

  • You’ll need to repeat the staff data importing process above every time you add or remove a staff member. This ensures that your reports have the latest information.

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