Sharing Report Links

Learn more about how to create shareable links to your created Report Pundit reports.

Share Report Pundit's report link to your staff members, accountants, vendors, etc, without sharing the Shopify login credentials.

The report link can be password protected to ensure its security. Please note that the fields & data in the share link cannot be modified, and any changes made to the date range, sort, and filter options in the shared link will not affect the master report.

Regenerating the link will revoke access to the existing share link, and a new one will have to be generated upon reloading the report page.

1) Open the report that you want to share

2) Click the 3 dots(ellipsis) menu located in the top right-hand corner

3) Select the 'Share Link' option

4) Toggle the "Enable Share URL" button to turn it on

5) Enter a secure password

6) Copy the link and share it with the intended recipients along with the password that you've set.

๐ŸŒŸ Great job! You're all done.

The person viewing the report through the Shared Link will be permitted to access only a few features.

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