Google Analytics 4

Learn more about how to connect your Google Analytics account to Report Pundit.

Note: To gather GA4 data, your Google Analytics account should be integrated with your Shopify store.

Why You Should Use the Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics reports let you to track your marketing funnel's performance over time. You can examine each stage of your customers' journey, from visitor arrival to order completion. Analyzing this data with Shopify's revenue figures gives a comprehensive view of your store's health.

  • Analyze top marketing channels, compare them to your leading sales channels for effective budget allocation.

  • Track metrics for both new and returning shop visitors, noting checkout process drop-offs at billing, payment, or confirmation stages.

  • Review Google Analytics for your daily for ad spend, cost per click, sessions, bounces, hits, user types, and accurate order count. Also, learn about cart and checkout abandonments.

So, the Google Analytics report is your key to unlocking your marketing and overall business potential.

๐Ÿ“‹ Steps to Integrate Google Analytics

1. Navigate to the Integrations page using the navigation bar at the top.

2. Select Google Analytics and click on Sign in with Google.

3. Select the Google account to be integrated. If it isn't on the list, click on Use another account and enter the account details.

4. You'll see a message asking for permission to grant access to Report Pundit. Simply click the Continue button to proceed.

5. Your Google account has been successfully integrated. Finally, select the appropriate Account & Property option and click Save.

Report Pundit has pre-created visitor metrics reports such as Google User type, Google Source, Google Medium, and Google Campaign. Additionally, you can create a custom report from the Reports Dashboard.

๐ŸŒŸ Great job! You're all done.

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