Stocky by Shopify is an inventory management app included with Shopify POS Pro subscriptions. It helps track your inventory levels, forecast inventory needs, receive product recommendations, and more.

Stocky is Shopify's way of helping its POS Pro plan subscribers optimize their inventory. It has many inventory management features like:

  • Purchase order creation and management

  • Supplier communication channel

  • Product recommendations based on profitability

  • Product location transfer and tracking

  • Stock reporting and analytics

  • Vendor management based on stock levels, etc.

A lot of data is generated when using these features. Stocky integration for Report Pundit compiles that data for your convenience in your custom reports. Gain full awareness of your order flow and stocking process for smooth selling with this powerful combination.

πŸ‘‰How to Integrate Stocky with Report Pundit

  1. Navigate to the 'Integrations' page using the navigation bar at the top.

  1. Select Stocky from the list of integrations.

  2. Enter API token and click connect.

Fetch the API key by contacting Shopify. Once they've enabled the option in Stocky preferences, the key will be visible in Stocky preferences> API access. Note: There is no proper documentation from Shopify to fetch the API token. We suggest you to contact Shopify.

Once confirmed, you’re ready to get reports containing Stocky data.

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