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The Home page gives an overview of your account status and activities. You can also see information about integrations and popular reports.


Displays widgets with a summary of the last 30 days' store metrics.

My Favorite Reports

Shows a list of all your favorite reports

Steps to add a report to 'My Favorite Reports'

  • Go to the "My Reports" page.
  • Click on the Favorite Icon
    to add the report to 'My Favorite Reports'.
That's it! You've successfully added a report to 'My Favorite Reports".

Latest Activities

This panel shows your account's recent activities.
You can view the currently popular third-party app integrations in use by Report Pundit's customers. It also shows whether you are connected to any of the apps. The View More button at the bottom connects to our Integrations page.
Showcases popular pre-made report types in use by our customers. The View All Templates button at the bottom of the panel leads to our Library page having all pre-made templates available.
Stay updated about your store via your Home page with real-time information.