UpPromote revolutionizes affiliate marketing for Shopify merchants. This dynamic platform can boost online business growth and sales through effective affiliate partnerships for Shopify merchants.

Affiliate marketing brings the wide reach and brand value of social media influencers to your brand. UpPromote helps you manage functions related to affiliate marketing like:

  • Building custom affiliate programs

  • Recruiting and communicating with affiliate partners

  • Boosting partner performance with incentives and other motivators

  • Auto-generation and distribution of discount codes/coupons to customers and affiliates

  • Tracking and managing all affiliate personnel, including activities

By integrating your UpPromote account with Report Pundit, you get easy access to all affiliate data right in your custom reports. Make rewarding data-driven decisions regarding your affiliate marketing campaigns to build better partner and customer relationships.

๐Ÿ‘‰How to Integrate UpPromote with Report Pundit

  1. Click on Integrations in the Navigation bar.

  1. Select UpPromote from the list of integrations.

  2. Enter the API Key and click Connect.

You can create an API key by going to Settings > Integration > API > Create API Key in your UpPromote account.

  1. Contact our support team via live chat or email for creating custom reports with UpPromote data.

You're now ready to use UpPromote with Report Pundit to monitor your affiliate marketing campaign.

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