Unique Reports

This page holds information regarding report types which possess fields which are unique to that particular type of report.

Edited Sales

Shopify recently introduced Order Editing, which allows merchants to add products/quantities and remove products/quantities.

The Edited Sales Report reflects all the changes/edits made to the records of your Shopify store.

For example,

If you generate a report, opting for the 'Sales' or 'Order' type, any changes made to the orders will not be reflected in the report

However, if you choose 'Edited Sales' as the report type, the report will reflect all the edits made to the orders.

Abandoned Checkout

An Abandoned Checkout occurs when a customer adds items to their cart but fails to complete the payment process. This is a common practice in eCommerce, and abandoned checkout emails ((available through Shopify or apps) are an effective way to encourage customers to complete their transactions.

Customers fail to complete transactions for several reasons.

  • They find shipping fees to be high

  • They decide on looking for a similar product elsewhere for comparison

  • They just change their minds about purchasing the product.

Engaging with customers is the only way to understand why they did not complete their orders.

To learn how to create a customized report, click here.

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