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This is the primary landing page of the Report Pundit app containing all Pre-made report templates.

1️⃣ Search for Report Templates

Enter any keyword to filter related report templates (pre-created reports).
2️⃣Time Stamp of Last Sync
This displays the date and time stamp of the app's last synchronization with your Shopify store records
3️⃣Report Templates (Pre-Created Reports)
The remaining sections display specific pre-created reports for your store based on Sales, Products, Inventory, Tax, Shopify Payout, etc.

4️⃣Create Custom Report

Click on 'Create Report' to create a customized report based on your specific requirements.

How to create a report using Pre-Created Report templates?

Let's use Sales and Orders Reports as an example.
The Sales and Orders Reports tab contains over 20 pre-created reports for your store, as shown in the image above.
  • Select the report that you want to open.
  • Once the report opens, save it by clicking on the 'Save' button.
The report will be saved on the 'My Reports' page present on the Navigation Panel.
To learn more about reports and their features, click here
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