Custom Fields

Create data fields in reports that serve your unique business needs with Custom Fields. Find the details you need to set up and operate them on this page.

Report Pundit lets you fine-tune your reports with custom fields. Expand the capabilities of your Shopify reporting by adding Calculated and Static fields alongside default ones. Add to the insights given by your reports by further drilling down on your Shopify store data.

How to Add Custom Fields

To create a custom field, click on Add Columns above the first data row in a report. Then, click on Add Custom Column option as shown below.

In the drop-down menu displayed, choose Calculated or Static as required. Next, you'll see a pop-up box where you can give your field a name and:

  • add a Static Value if you're creating a static field

  • add SQL code to create a calculated field, along with one of these format options:

  1. String: For adding alphabets, numbers, or alphanumerical inputs. Numbers added won't have numerical values and cannot be used for definite measure.

  2. Number: For adding numerical values to the column.

  3. Boolean: For adding Boolean operators, such as '1' representing 'True' and '0' representing 'False'.

  4. Date & Time: For adding date, day, and time inputs to your field.

We have categorized Custom Fields into two types:

Calculated FieldsStatic Field

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