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Google Analytics 4

Learn more about how to connect your Google Analytics account to Report Pundit.
To gather GA4 data, first, you need to have a Google Analytics account integrated with your Shopify store.
What can I know with Google Analytics report?
The Google Analytics report enables you to comprehend the marketing funnel's performance over a specific timeframe. Each stage of the funnel can be analyzed, including the progression from visitors to product views, product views to adding items to the cart, adding items to the cart to completing the checkout, and finally, completed checkouts to orders. By aligning Google Analytics data with precise revenue data obtained from Shopify, you can gain insights into your business's overall health and effectiveness.
Analyze the top marketing channels and compare them with the leading sales channels. This will help in allocating the marketing budget to the right medium.
Examine the marketing metrics for new and returning visitors to your shop. Identify the stage where visitors drop off during the checkout process – whether it's on the billing, payment, or confirmation page.
Review the daily Google Analytics ad spend and cost per click, along with a daily summary of sessions, bounces, hits, and user types. Additionally, track the accurate order count. Identify instances of daily cart abandonments and checkout abandonments.

Steps to Integrate Google Analytics

Navigate to the 'Integrations' page using the navigation bar at the top.
Select Google Analytics and click 'Sign in with Google'.
Select the Google account to be integrated
You'll see a message asking for permission to grant access to Report Pundit. Simply click the "Continue" button to proceed.
Google account has been successfully integrated. Lastly, choose the Account & Property option and save it.
Report Pundit has pre-created visitor metrics reports such as Google User type, Google Source, Google Medium, and Google Campaign. Additionally, you can create a custom report from the Reports Dashboard.
Great job! You're all done.
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