Google Analytics

Learn more about how to connect your Google Analytics account to Report Pundit.

To gather Google Analytics data, first, you need to have a Google Analytics account Integrated with your Shopify store.

What can I know with Google Analytics report?

With the Google Analytics report, you can understand the marketing funnel over any period. Each step of the funnel can be analyzed โ€“ visitors to product views, product views to add to cart, add to cart to checkout, checkout to orders and orders to refunds. Match Google Analytics data and accurate revenue data from Shopify to know the health of your business.

Analyze the most top marketing channels and compare them to the top sales channels. This will help allocate the marketing budget to the right medium.

Analyze the marketing metrics behind new visitors and returning visitors to your shop. Know where visitors drop off during checkout โ€“ Is it on the billing, payment, or confirmation page?

Know the daily Google Analytics ad spend and cost per click, daily summary of sessions, bounces, hits, user type and accurate order count. Identify daily cart abandonments and checkout abandonments.

โ€‹๐Ÿ“‹ Steps to Integrate Google Analytics:

โ€‹โœ” 1) From your Report Pundit settings, go to "Google Analytics" and click "Integrate Google Analytics".


โ€‹โœ” 2) Select the Google account you wanted to Integrate and grant permission to Report Pundit.

โ€‹โœ” 3) Google account is integrated successfully. Finally select the profile like Account, Property & View and, save the settings.

Report Pundit has pre-created visitors metrics reports like Google User type, Google Source, Google Medium & Google Campaign. Additionally, you can create a custom report from the My Reports section.

Note: Please turn on "Enhanced e-commerce" (find how to enable Enhanced Ecommerce) by signing in to Google Analytics. Enabling Enhanced e-commerce will give a better view of the data like product views, promotions, sales data check out data, cart data, etc.

Know more about Enhanced e-commerce hereโ€‹

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