Unique Reports

This page holds information regarding report types which possess fields which are unique to that particular type of report.

Edited Sales

Shopify introduced the Order Editing feature a few months ago, which allows merchants to add products/quantity and remove products/quantity.

Edited Sales Report reflects all the changes/edits that are made to the records of your Shopify store.

For example,

If we create a report, opting 'Sales' or 'Order' as the report type, then the changes made in the orders will not be reflected in the report.

Whereas, when we select 'Edited Sales' as the report type the edits will be reflected in the report.

Inventory Snapshot

Inventory Snapshot is a report type that reflects the movement of your Store Inventory.

This type of report records :

  • Snapshot - Tracks the 'End of Day Inventory level'

  • Inventory Flow - Tracks the 'Day to Day Opening Inventory, Units Sold, Units Returned, Units Restocked, Units Adjusted & Closing Inventory'

โ€‹๐Ÿ“‹ Steps to enable Inventory Snapshot

  • Click on the 'Settings' tab, from the top of the page.

  • Scroll down to find the Inventory Snapshot section. Toggle the corresponding button to enable access to your Inventory Snapshot.


  • It gives you the sell-through percentage of each product i.e. No. of units sold, returned, re-stocked which helps you to plan your inventory.

  • It also helps you fetch the Inventory of a particular date for accounting purpose.

  • You can analyse the performance of each product by location & can plan your Inventory accordingly.

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Abandoned Checkout

As the name suggests, an Abandoned Checkout is a cart that the customer did not follow through to completion of payment. This is a common practice in any market, as far as eCommerce is concerned. This is why abandoned checkout emails (which are part of Shopify and also available via apps) are a valuable resource for convincing customers to complete their transactions.

Customers fail to complete transactions for several reasons.

  • They find shipping fees to be high

  • They decide on looking for a similar product elsewhere for comparison

  • They just change their minds on purchasing the product.

Engaging with your customers is the only way to find out for sure why they may not be completing their orders.


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses โ€” featuring email and SMS marketing automation and multiple integrations.

Through the numerous features and integrations, Klaviyo collects several marketing metrics collected from emails, advertisements, campaigns, etc.

When Klaviyo is integrated with Report Pundit, these metrics can be structured and organized into a report format for better insights and analysis.

Here's a list of Commonly Used Fields for Klaviyo. ๐Ÿ‘‡

If the field that you want is not available in Report Pundit's field selector, kindly contact us. We can set up the field for you if Klaviyo provides API access to that particular metric.

To learn how to integrate Klaviyo with Report Pundit, click here.โ€‹

To learn how to create a customized report, click here.โ€‹

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