How to Manage Your Data Mismatch Issue

This page details the reasons behind data synchronization issues between your Shopify and Report Pundit data values, along with possible solutions.

If you notice any inconsistencies between Report Pundit and your Shopify store data, like incorrect values in report columns or delays in data loading, this may be due to synchronization issues. While these occurrences are rare, we're here to help you quickly resolve them.

If this issue affects you, we've outlined straightforward tips, split into two sections to make things easier.

Level 1: Simple Checks

Check for mistakes made when customizing your report. These tend to happen often and are readily fixable.

  • Choice of Filters

Ensure you've selected the right filters in your report. Incorrect filters can hide the data you need. Select filter settings to match your needs, and the right data should appear in your report.

  • Choice of Sort

Similar to incorrect choice of filters, applying the wrong sorting option can also hide the data you may be looking for in reports.

Ex: You need data on low-performing products in a sales report but you use the Descending sort option. Then, you’ll only find data on your high performing products at the top, with the necessary data being pushed to the bottom which could be out of view.

Verify that you’ve used the right Sort option for your report.

  • Date Range Mismatch

Confirm whether the same date range is used for checking Shopify and Report Pundit app's data.

  • Data Field Naming Issue

Check if any data fields were renamed. If so, rename the fields in line with the data they display to not confuse one field for another.

  • Wrong Choice of Fields

Check if you’ve used the right fields for the report type. For example, you could be comparing total sales in Report Pundit with your gross sales in Shopify.

  • Calculated Fields

A faulty calculated field could be behind the data discrepancy if its applied formula doesn’t align with your needs. If you find that data values in a calculated field are not meeting expectations, bring it to our attention along with a screenshot of the report with faulty data columns and the correct data values from Shopify.

And remember, our experts are readily available if you want help with Level 1 checks. You can cross-verify your solutions with their responses for accuracy and satisfaction.

If you’re still facing issues after following the above steps, move on to the next level of troubleshooting mentioned below.

Level 2: Advanced Checks

This check level is for issues that can’t be resolved in Level 1. These issues require in-depth evaluation and may need multiple steps to resolve.

If you find that your data issues require advanced measures to resolve, just contact our support team. When asked, provide a full-page screenshot of one or more of the following reports matching the category of the report you’re having issues with:

  • Sales - Sales Overtime

  • Inventory/Product - Inventory

  • Customers - Customers Over Time

  • Payments/Transactions - Payments

Mention the Date Range and Order Name to our support expert. This’ll help them locate the source of the mismatch (You may be asked to give the order ID as well).

The expert may also ask you for the relevant Shopify report file besides or instead of the above-mentioned screenshot. You can download the file using the Export option.

Click here to learn more about exporting Shopify reports.

If you can’t provide the necessary Shopify file, copy-paste its URL via chat or email. If you’re using email, send the URL to

Our experts will use it to temporarily access your Shopify store and retrieve the necessary file. Please allow them access when prompted in your Shopify account.

Click here to learn how you can get your Shopify store access code.

We regret any inconvenience caused by these challenges and ask for your patience while we work to solve your problem.

As always, our experts will ensure that your issues are resolved to your satisfaction, as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

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